Why do you select art for your walls?

Maybe it is about all the arts’ color, an image, a loved one’s photograph of a special moment to remember, or just a landscape that “takes you away”… but whatever it is, that makes you want it on YOUR WALL – it’s personal!

You have a look for your personal space whether it’s your home or your Face book page. Your space can be tradition, eccentric, casual, western, modern, “dorm room”…or…? But it’s YOUR style.

Now, you have “something” to hang on your wall. You’re so excited!!! So now what steps do you take to really make that image – YOUR image, and not a duplicate of the 1,000’s that are out there being sold by every furniture or home decor store. Do you really want a mass produced frame that 10,000 other people have on your PERSONAL wall?

Custom picture framing – is just personalizing something you want to hang on your wall. Blending your style of living – to enhance your style with your art – into a framed package. That’s all. Adding your personality and aesthetics into your home via the sofa or your wall art makes your home, well you.

I know I like to look at my family’s photos on the wall. But I also my coastal beach watercolor which I’ve personally “packaged it” with a frame that matched my personality and grabbed a hook and wire – and placed it on my wall! It’s my vacation – without leaving my home!!

I challenge you to take a fresh look at your images on your wall! If you don’t see YOUR personality above your sofa, let’s shake it up!